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CRADDOCK utililizes best-practice business and operations strategies, methodologies and processes, and couples these to internal commitments of long term, network trust relationships for operations flexibilitiy and international expertise. With our team of talented and experieced executives and impressive portfolio of client succcesses, the CRADDOCK total solutions approach has turned supervisory consulting engagements into long term partnerships.

Total solutions means we consider entire client operational processes as a system where the system is considered greater than the sum of its parts. Beginning each assignment in the same way—by providing an in-depth analysis of client needs, assistance in services definition, and recommendations for service priorities, based on a budgetary analysis. In short, we begin by learning your business.

Our practice is forward focused in anticipation of and staying ahead of economic and technology curves. In this regard we add to our clients an element of protection from today's unpredictability of world markets and abrupt changes in technologies. As a natural component of our partnering process, we also add technological capabilities to clients that expand operations capacities and accomplish time-to-market goals, while enabling them to maintain a keener focus on internal core competencies.

CRADDOCK executive team members are consistent in delivering highly creative solutions with leading edge technologies, removing cost margins and overhead expenses not directly applicable to end-product services and establishing strategic network support alliances within both petroleum and associated industies. We have the overall and essential elements in place for developing and sustaining client profitability, with a history of providing the worldwide petroleum industry with on-target solutions.

Project Management, Planning Engineering
CRADDOCK has worked with numerous client companies to develop plans for project execution. The majority of this work has been in the areas of exploration drilling, well abandonments, facilities construction decommissioning, and subsea operations.

Permitting and Regulatory Coordination
CRADDOCK offers permitting services for a wide range of exploration and production operations, both onshore and offshore. Our experience is in both State and Federal arenas.

Drilling Engineering and Supervision
CRADDOCK personnel provide drilling services for numerous clients operating both onshore and offshore.  In many instances, the scope of this work has involved overall project management for nonresident operator. CRADDOCK has a staff of highly qualified drilling supervisors who are certified with valid IWCF (land and subsea).

Construction Management
CRADDOCK is actively providing construction management support services for a wide variety of projects including offshore pipeline and platform upgrades, offshore decommissioning, onshore production facilities installation, onshore production facilities decommissioning, and many other areas of E&P development.

Facility Decommissioning and Well Abandonment Services
CRADDOCK provides decommissioning and well abandonment services to the oil industry both on a turnkey and T&M basis. Our capabilities and experience include providing facility end-of-life economic evaluations, execution planning, submittal of necessary permits, well plugging and abandonment (platform or sub-sea wells), the safe removal, tow, and scrapping of marine structures including all necessary regulatory compliance activities. CRADDOCKcapabilities also include providing services for the decommissioning of land assets such as gas and oil processing plants, facility pipelines, and abandonment of wells.

Production Operations
CRADDOCK can provide qualified production operators, API certified Crane Operators and certified Riggers as well as Engineers for onshore and offshore production operations. These personnel generally work directly for the operator either on location or in the office, allowing our clients to easily meet workload demand with available personnel.

CRADDOCK’s project managers include seasoned engineers and operations personnel with a keen understanding of the metrics and drivers for successful project management. Accomplished at managing multi-million dollar installation, maintenance, and decommissioning projects, our project managers are adept at identifying critical path activities and managing completing priorities. Safety is emphasized in every aspect of our work. We also understand the importance of cost and schedule control.

Whether it is offshore or onshore, CRADDOCK has experienced staff for construction management support to assist our Clients in the following areas:

CRADDOCK offers expertise in the following project services:

Project Planning

Engineering Services

Project Management

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