CRADDOCK—the petroleum people—with an unblemished reputation for environmental friendliness in all our assignments.
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CRADDOCK Engineering Inc. (CRADDOCK) is an international petroleum project management and engineering consulting firm specializing in oil and gas drilling, production, field operations, and provision of technical services. CRADDOCK is headquartered on the oil rich Southern California coast in Santa Barbara, California, USA. The Santa Barbara channel has a rich oil and gas history and is home to 20 offshore platforms, currently in operation. Oil production in the Santa Barbara channel began in 1896 as drilling from piers built out over the ocean created a collection of 187 offshore wells by the year 1902 (see photo).

scientistOriginally formed in 1976, CRADDOCK and CRADDOCK Group Companies have completed more than $500M (US) worth of projects around the world, while operating in virtually every major oil-producing country that has a presence in the international oil and gas industry.

It's people that play the central role in the petroleum industry—and oil and gas products are what they provide to world markets. For more than 30 years CRADDOCK has provided highly qualified petroleum science, technology and supervisory services, spending years developing our exclusive network and vast database of highly trained scientists and technicians. As a result, our services are top notch and from a wide variety of nationalities, all or which are rigorously reference-screened and interviewed—our quality management system being BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. (Read more...)

CRADDOCK Group Companies have provided a vast array of oil and gas industry engineering and construction services since 1997. During this time our efforts have executed the successful completion of many important projects involving a complex array of logistical and engineering challenges. All onshore and offshore projects were completed on time and within budget—hallmarks that attest to the high degree of professionalism we are known for. (Read more...)

All CRADDOCK Group Companies have a U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA) compliance program in place, with an FCPA training program and contract amendments to ensure conformance, as well as a staff compliance officer in our Tripoli office. (About FCPA...)

To summarize, CRADDOCK consistently—and with integrity—provides clients with professional quality, innovative solutions and superior performance, coupled with a commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

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