The following compilation is an alphabetic sample of engineering and technological positions taken from our records:
3D Seismic Q/C Supervisor
A/C Specialist
Air Conditioning Mechanic
Artificial Lift Engineer
Automation Engineer
Automobile Mechanic
Blacktop Inspector
Boiler Inspector
Budget & Cost Control Specialist
Cartographic Draughtsman
Cathodic Protection Engineer
Cathodic Protection Specialist
Cathodic Technician
Certification Engineer
Chief Engineer
Chief Inspector
Civil Construction Engineer
Civil Engineer
Civil Inspector
Civil Superintendant
Civil Works/Structural Engineer
CMMS Unit Head
Completions Engineer
Completions Supervisor
Computer Programmer
Computer Technicians
Computer/Automation Engineer
Construction Inspection
Construction Supervisor
Contract Engineer
Contracts Administrator
Contracts Engineer
Corrosion Engineer
Corrosion Specialist
Corrosion Specialist
DataComms Engineer
Deep Sea Diver
Design Engineer
Designer Checker
Diesel Mechanic
Directional Drilling Specialist
Drilling Engineer
Drilling Engineers/Supervisor
Drilling Foremen
Drilling Health Safety & Environmental Engineer
Drilling HSE Advisor
Drilling Manager (Offshore)
Drilling Manager (Onshore)
Drilling Manager
Drilling Operations Managers
Drilling Operations Superintendent
Drilling Operations/Logistic Supervisors
Drilling Superintendent
Drilling Supervisor (Onshore)
Drilling Supervisor (Offshore)
Drilling Supervisor/Geologist
Drilling Training Personnel
Drilling/Materials Supervisor
Drilling/Production Supervisor
Electrical Construction Engineer
Electrical Design Specialist
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Foreman
Electrical Maintenance Technicians
Electrical Specialist
Electrical Supervisor
Electrical Supervisor
Electrical Technician
Electrical Technicians/Offshore
Electronics Workshop Technician
Environmental Planner
Field Operations Advisor
Fire & Safety Officer
Fire Chief
Fire Safety Technician
Fire/Safety Inspector
Gas Lift Specialist
Gas Plan Operator
Gas Plant Operators
Gas Turbine Inspector
Heavy Duty Mechanical Specialist
Heavy Equipment Foreman
Helicopter Pilot
HVAC Mechanic
HVAC Supervisor
Information System Development Analyst
Instrument (D.C.S.) Engineer
Instrument Design Engineer
Instrument Engineer
Instrument Foreman
Instrument Supervisor
Instrument Technicians/Offshore
Instrument Technicians/Onshore
Instrument Workshop Technician
Instrumentation Engineer
Instrumentation Superintendent
IT Specialist
Land Driller
Language Trainer
Logistics/Materials Supervisor
Maintenance Engineer
Maintenance Planner
Maintenance Planning Engineer
Maintenance Supervisor
Marine Diver
Marine Engineer
Marine Mechanical Technicians
Materials Controller
Materials Superintendent
Materials Supervisor
Materials/Warehouse Consultant
Mechanical Design Engineer
Mechanical Designer
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Foreman
Mechanical Inspector
Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
Mechanical Supervisors
Mechanical Technicians
Mooring Master
Mud Engineer
NDT/Ultrasonic Technician
NDT/Ultrasonic Technicians & Equipment
Offshore Maintenance/Instrument Technician
Oil Movement Supervisors
Oilfield Personnel
Onshore Rig Senior Supervisors
Operations Engineer
Operations Manager
Operations Superintendent
Paint/ Coating Inspectors
Paint/Coating/ Insulation Inspector
Pet./Completion Engineer
Petroleum Engineer/Chemist
Petroleum Engineer
Pipeline Engineer
Pipeline Inspectors
Pipeline Supervisors
Piping Checkers/Designers
Piping Designer
Piping Engineer
Planning Engineer
Power Technicians
Procedure Writer
Process Control Operator
Process Controls Engineer
Process Engineer
Production Chemist
Production Engineer
Production Engineers/Planning
Production Engineers/Subsurface
Production Operator
Production Ops.
Production Supervisor
Production Technician
Production Technologist
Production/Drilling Engineer
Production/Process Operator
Project Engineer
Project Facilities Engineers
Project/Planning Engineer
QA Engineer
QA/QC Supervisor
Reservoir Engineer
Rig Electrician
Rig Mechanic
Rotating Equipment Engineer
Rotating Turbine Mechanic
Safety Advisor
Safety Case Engineer
Safety Engineer
Safety Inspector
Safety Officer
SAP Specialist
Scada/Instrument Engineer
Seismic Data Acquisition Processor
Seismic Data Processors
Senior Automation/Computer Specialist
Senior Barge Engineer
Senior Construction Superintendent
Senior Corrosion Specialists
Senior Cost Control Engineer
Senior Electrical Specialist
Senior HVAC/AC Specialist
Senior Instrument Specialist
Senior Materials Specialist
Senior Mechanical Foreman
Senior Mechanical Specialist
Senior Production Engineer
Senior Project Controls Engineer
Senior Toolpusher
Senior Warehouse Specialist
Site Construction Manager
Site Manager
Speedtronic Technician
Sr. Document Control Specialist
Sr. Drilling Engineer
Sr. General Maintenance Foreman
Sr. Warehouse Specialist
Staff Corrosion Engineer
Staff Petroleum Engineer
Structural Engineer
Systems Analyst
Tank & Pipeline Oil Facilities Inspector
Tank Inspector
Technical Administrator
Technical Assistant
Technical Author
Technical Draftsman
Technicians (Production)
Techns. Inst. (Maintenance)
Telecom Engineer
Telephone Engineers/OSP
Telephone Engineers/Switch
Testing Technician
Tool House Foremen
Tool House Technician
Tug Master
Turbine Foreman
Warehouse Unit Head
Water Treatment Plant Special
Water Well Maintenance Foremen
Water Well Maintenance Mechanic
Welding Supervisor
Well Services Technician
Well Test Engineer
Well Test Supervisor
Wellsite Petroleum Engineer
Wellsite Supervisor
Wireline Advisor
Wireline Supervisor
Workover Foremen
Workover Supervisor
Workshop Manager
Workshop Supervisor
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